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YouTube based 24/7 Online TV in your Browser

for individuals


Choose a topic you like and start watching!


all you need is a Computer and an internet connection

in sync

just like classic TV, you see the same as your friends

Totally Free!

Start watching!

for companies


let your brands videos appear in our tele.rocks channels

personalised content

let us create your own channel with videos on a specific topic (e.g. projects, products, places, ...) and your brand's information in between


your brand's channel plays everywhere the same content

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Over 100 Chat Rooms

There are chat rooms for many programming languages, APIs and tools you use every day.

Easy to use

Because of its simple design, everyone can use talkco.de easily.

Made for you

talkco.de is perfect for developers and designers: There are chat rooms for many APIs and programming languages and many different design programms! Also, you can format your Messages with Markdown!


Awesome Chat Rooms for awesome developers + designers


A search engine for developers

Only relevant results

You'll only get results which are relevant for developers

Image Previews

All Results come with stylish Image Previews


You can easily share a search result or save it to your Pocket

Many features

Generate the Short-Link randomly, with Emojis or with a custom Short Link!

Password protect

You can secure your Short-Links with a Password (if you want)


Our Server is checking all Short-Links to prevent Hackers from changing your Short-Link target


A simple URL Shortener with many features